What is your cost?

Cost varies according to distance traveled to event and access to venue. For example there is extra cost and time involved in carrying equipment upstairs or long distances. Events such as wedding receptions require significant time spent with the couple planning and selecting songs. For these reasons, I need to speak with you and gather a few details before quoting a price. Also my wife likes to be through by midnight, so if you’re going past 12am it’s gonna cost you some extra.

Why do Dj’s vary in cost so much?

One of the biggest factors in a Dj’s price is the money invested into equipment. It would cost you about $2000 to rent overnight the equipment I typically setup for a party, not to mention transporting, setup and supplying the music to be played. Some Dj’s aren’t so concerned about the quality of sound so they bring only lightweight speakers and avoid large speakers such as subwoofers. The equipment to provide incredible sound is big, heavy and expensive. I love music and want it to sound the way it suppose to sound. I decided long ago I was going to buy the equipment I “wanted” not what I “needed”. So I charge a little more than some DJ’s but for me there is only one way to do it. Don’t even get me started on the lights: The cost and time to setup and run an awesome light show, Let’s just say I have a ton of money in lights and I beat most Dj’s hands down on lights. Some guys don’t even fool with lights because of the cost and trouble transporting and setup time.

Do you do Karaoke?

No, not at any price. Having someone that can sing perform a song at your wedding reception is wonderful. But I’ll pass on a bunch of drunks yelling into (and dropping) my $400 microphones. Plus I find it just too painful to listen to.

Omigosh your wife is gorgeous, How did you get her?

The same way I keep her.