About DJ 51-50

My name is Phillip Cothern. I’m a Registered Nurse at MS State Hospital at Whitfield. About 12 years ago myself and a friend inherited the entertainment for the MS State Hospital Christmas party. The party was dying from lack of enthusiasm and annual attendance was less than 100 people. It was about to be canceled for good. I had never Dj’ed before, but my good friend Stephen Shoop had Dj’ed some in college. For me, it seemed a perfect fit. I have alway been crazy about music. I remember as a child riding around on a bicycle with a transistor radio taped to the handlebars. I always felt like the right song played at the right time would seal the deal in matters of romance, business or anything in life. I guess what I mean is music has always moved me, brought me to tears, made me happy, feel sad or spiritual. I love all types of music from hard rock, blues, classical to country. Ironically I can’t sing a note and can’t dance at all, (unless you count the Chicken Dance as dancing). I can’t play any musical instruments. But I seem to have a knack for playing the right song at the right time. I can size up a crowd and in short order have most of them dancing. So I know what I can do and what I can’t. I can’t dance or sing. I’m a pretty good DJ, when I play the perfect song at the right time and it feels like magic. If you are wondering, that “Whitfield Christmas Party” was a hit and is attended by several hundred people annually these days. It’s at the AG museum every year and I still do it for free. Pretty good job security, don’t ya think? In that party I discovered what has become a wonderful hobby. I Dj’ed for friends and patients at MS State Hospital for years, then my wife said, “you better start charging those folks, at least enough to pay for all that junk you been buying”. So thats what I do, I charge you folks, so I can pay for all that “junk” I’m constantly buying.

You should give me a shot at your party….. you’ll get twice your money’s worth. Thanks for taking the time to read my story. Phillip

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